The Yes Marketing LLC Philosophy

Whether building a successful membership or customer acquisition program, a successful strategy can only emerge from tactical testing—testing media, offers, prices, premiums, etcetera.

Testing is the key tactical element for long-term successful strategies. At Yes Marketing LLC, each campaign is not an end in itself, but rather it is part of a process to accumulate knowledge; knowledge that can be leveraged to achieve your long-term goals.

In an effort to ever increase results and predictability of results, each Yes Marketing LLC-designed campaign incorporates the lessons learned from previous campaigns; it retests current knowledge, and it includes tests to develop new market information to incorporate into future campaigns. This is our approach, because we do not believe in just creating a successful campaign; we believe in developing successful direct response programs that reach our clients’ long-term goals.  

While we test, we will be growing your membership, your circulation, your revenue…. Each campaign will be designed to maximize the results for your immediate goals, but at its core, there will be the testing required to build a foundation upon which a successful, long-term, direct-response program can be built.

Your patience will be rewarded by a program that renews and regenerates itself. With each campaign, you will enjoy improved results and greater accuracy to predict your current and future return on investment.