The Yes Marketing LLC Advantage

Yes Marketing LLC is not your typical agency. Your goals are our top priority. You’ll see the difference from the first day. You’ll work with seasoned, knowledgeable, and highly experienced people who know association marketing. We will work with you to build a relationship based on trust and proven results.

Experience: We know your market. We have worked with more than 50 non-profit membership organizations in science, engineering and academia. We’ve helped them meet their membership, meeting, and publications marketing goals.

Knowledge: At Yes Marketing LLC, we specialize in association marketing. We understand the intricacies of association-to-member marketing and communication. We know how to communicate to multi-degreed professionals to help them see the value of your membership and products. We understand the role of staff and volunteer leaders in your decision making. In short, we are at the top of the learning curve, ready to help you make things happen.

Relationships: At Yes Marketing LLC, you’ll have one contact who works on your behalf to bring our network of resources together to achieve your marketing goals.

Service: We are small, so we can focus on succeeding for a few clients at a time. If you are lucky enough to be a Yes Marketing LLC client, you are in elite company.

Flexibility and Focus: We are client driven not process driven. We can shift gears and turn on a dime to face your changing challenges and goals.